Great joy at DEOO: Copenhagen Phil receives funds on the finance bill

The government, together with the Radical Left, Socialist People's Party, Unity List and The Alternative, has just presented a partial settlement of the finance law for 2021. DEOO – Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions are very pleased that Copenhagen Phil – the entire Zealand Symphony Orchestra – receives a fixed annual grant of DKK 3.9 million annually in 2021-2024 under the danish budget.

"We are very pleased that DEOO's good arguments for more money for Copenhagen Phil have been heard by the politicians. We and the orchestra have worked long and hard to get the orchestra back the funds that they had to find on behalf of all the professional symphony orchestras as part of the 2% savings. Fortunately, we had these savings eliminated last year – and this year we see a reasonable financial boost to the operation of Copenhagen Phil. This is good for Danish cultural life – and it is good for the public," says CHAIRMAN of DEOO Eyvind Vesselbo.

Before 2020, Copenhagen Phil was single-handedly responsible for the 2% savings, which were abolished by last year's finance law. This has created a hole in the budget of the orchestra, which has had to leave vacancies unfilled.

"Copenhagen Phil delivers symphonic music to 46 of the country's 98 municipalities. It's a big task. They play for filled halls and reach children all over Zealand with music of the highest quality. It is incredibly important that the orchestra can now continue the good work with calm on the back," says Eyvind Vesselbo.

DEOO also welcomes the DKK 10 million annually in 2021-2024, which will be devoted to Live Music in school and the national orchestras and which will benefit all children in Denmark.