Odense Symphony Orchestra has become independent

From 1 January 2021, the Odense Symphony Orchestra has officially been awarded the additional title "The Independent Institution". And with the new position, the orchestra has also been given a board that includes prominent strong profiles within Danish culture and business.

The conversion to self-ownership gives the Odense Symphony Orchestra an even better framework for future development, and to lead its board of directors, the orchestra has acquired an experienced chairman in Lisbeth Knudsen, strategic director and former director. Editor-in-Chief of Mandag Morgen and Chairman of the Board of the Danish School of Media and Journalism, which has previously helped to shape Danish cultural life as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Royal Danish Theatre. Together with competent forces, such as Nikolaj Koppel, co-owner of Podimo and former vice president of Tivoli, as well as Ronnie Hansen, commercial director of DBU, she and the rest of the board will in future stand to support the Odense Symphony Orchestra's operation, objectives and ambitions.

According to music director Finn Schumacker, you are excited about the new possibilities and the composition of the board:

"We have clear wishes for the orchestra's development with a common goal of reaching new audiences who still have live experiences with classical music. We strive to increase our own revenues, and then we will make ourselves even more current on the digital platforms. It is therefore extremely satisfying that we have been favoured with a very exciting and qualified board that has great strategic, artistic, legal and business know-how."

The Odense Symphony Orchestra will continue to be financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Odense Municipality, but the new status will in future give the orchestra more scope for securing fund grants and other grants, as well as seeking to be more an attractive partner for business. And the new board has already got off to a very good start.

"We recently had our first board meeting, and it was a pleasure to feel the board's commitment and determination to redeem the orchestra's potential as a cultural institution that, with its international class and innovative concert initiatives, takes joint responsibility for lifting cultural life throughout the region," says Finn Schumacker.

The Board of directors of the Odense Symphony Orchestra consists of the following:

Lisbeth Knudsen, Strategic Director and Tidl. Editor-in-Chief of Mandag Morgen and Chairman of the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Chairman

Ronnie Hansen, Commercial Director, DBU

Nikolaj Koppel, co-owner, Podimo

Dorthe Lund Kaack, Director, C.C.N Holding

Pernille Backhausen, lawyer, founder and partner in SIRIUS lawyers

Christoffer Lilleholt (V), Councillor, Odense Municipality

Maria Brumvig (A), Councillor, Odense Municipality

Philip Sandholt Herup, orchestral musician, Odense Symphony Orchestra (staff representative)

Stinus Christensen, orchestra musician, Odense Symphony Orchestra (staff representative)

Photo: Odense Symphony Orchestra, photographer Jacob Mads Kristensen