Good news: Compensation for freelance musicians and the self-employed

The reopening of compensation schemes for self-employed workers, freelancers and artists, etc., is an important step in ensuring the future work of this group.

With an agreement yesterday with the Liberals, Radical Liberals, Socialist People's Party, Unity List, Conservatives and the Alternative, the government decided to reopen compensation schemes for self-employed people, freelancers and artists, etc. Anyone in this group who is likely to make a loss in turnover or income of at least 30% until January 3 will be able to apply for the scheme. At DEOO – Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions, the joy is great.

"We are very pleased with the new system, which allows us to have independent ensembles and freelance musicians in Denmark at the very highest level after the shutdown," said the head of secretariat at DEOO, Asbjørn Keiding, continuing: "Several of our members have had tours cancelled internationally and find that the uncertainty surrounding restrictions, ticket sales and shutdowns will affect the concert bookings in the coming months. Their calendars are simply empty. They have not been covered by other pools so far and it is therefore extremely important that they can now get help. Great cadeau to the government and the parties included in the agreement."

One of DEOO's members, the vocal ensemble Theatre of Voices, has recently performed as holograms in Hong Kong and is considered some of the greatest capacities in early and new vocal music - including as artists in residence at Kings Palace in London. But now has big challenges with touring business and concert bookings.

"Theatre of Voices was to perform live again in Japan. But not only is the calendar being quickly emptied, new agreements are written in pencil at most, and if the ensemble were to finally perform in Asia, they would have to meet some very restrictive quarantine requirements at their own expense. Specifically, you have to stay 14 days in a hotel room without visiting your colleagues in the neighbouring rooms, not open the window, and the food almost has to be pushed under the door. 14 days in total isolation in order to perform – it is hardly possible," says Asbjørn Keiding, "The ensemble can now happily recoup some of their expenses, so that they can continue to sing and tour to the great delight of the audience on the other side of the shutdown."