Full understanding of new initiatives – but remember the freelance musicians

At a press conference, the government has just announced the closure of concert halls in 38 of the country's municipalities. It affects professional music. DEOO – Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions express understanding of the decision, but point out that the country's freelance musicians are left with empty calendars and no financial help.

"Those of our members who work either as self-employed or freelance experience being left alone on the platform. Concerts are cancelled and no one dares to book again. That's why there are blank pages in the calendar of this group of professional musicians when we talk early 2021 – and there are no help packs to download. Politicians should look at that!" said Asbjørn Keiding, head of secretariat at DEOO, "We have a great understanding that the infection rate is going down and we fully support the decision. It's just important that the independent musicians are not overlooked."