Open letter to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen from Denmark's cultural life

Updated: Apr 12

March 9, 2021

Dear Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen The reopening of Denmark has begun and the vaccines are being rolled out. That's good news. Spring is coming, and Denmark's cultural life is ready with lots of experiences for the people of our country. But we need light at the end of the tunnel. During the corona shutdown, citizens have experienced how much they miss the museums, concerts, libraries and theatres. The great feelings and the close, local communities. A rich and diverse art and cultural life. A year ago, on 11 March 2020, you asked us to shut down Denmark. Now we need to know what your plans for reopening are. We know that the whole cultural life is not first in the reopening queue. But we have all felt how important culture is to community, personal wellbeing and mental health. That is why we need a plan so that we can prepare for our millions of audiences to return safely to the culture they long for. The culture that lives, breathes and unfolds in reality among other people – on the stages, in the cultural houses and in the museums – among people and far away from the screens most of us have seen us blind on. A plan that ensures that culture can still do its part for society. For our democratic formation and the values and cultural heritage that bind us together – nationally and locally. Especially for children and young people, culture is important. Culture forms, educates, creates community and experiences that shape life. The hundreds of local cultural institutions and the thousands of people who populate them help the next generations to innovate, think creatively and reflect. They create zest and self-esteem, involvement and commitment. We are the spaces that create space for shared reflection and bridge the gap between people. We're strengthening cohesion. That is why we also need a plan to ensure that the economy of cultural institutions can be sustainable again. A long-term economic safety net that creates calm until the last corona restrictions disappear. We need to reduce the distance to each other and stand together again. So help the whole of Denmark. Give us optimism and hope with a plan of reopening so that cultural life can be ready with open arms that can embrace and unite us all. Yours sincerely Denmark's cultural life, representatives of more than 500 cultural institutions in Denmark From cultural organisations: Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions, Danish Theatre, Dansk Live, Danske Koncert and Kulturhuse, Organisation Danske Museums, Danish Library Association.