Flyvende dirigent og orkester


DEOO - Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions is the national body representing live music ensembles, orchestras and opera companies in Denmark.

The purpose of DEOO is to enable and support the collective interests of the members, to enhance the members' relations with decision makers, the authorities and other organisations, in addition to promote the cooperation between the members.

DEOO organises seminars and workshops, and cooperates with associations within the sector of performing arts in Denmark and abroad.

The purpose of DEOO is to strenghen classical music, jazz and contemporary music in Denmark through the work for greater visibility, wider legitimacy, and better terms for the member institutions.

DEOO works to:

  • assure continued access to high quality live music in all parts of Denmark, not least for children

  • ensure the best possible conditions for the development of music as an art form

  • establish the best possible use of resources through collective and other agreements

  • document the activities of the members systematically

  • build development and experience networks, in addition to forums for dialogue

  • gather experiences and inspiration from abroad, for example in relation to audience developement and use of digital medias 


For us, this includes working towards:

  • creating an overview of music performance and listening in the area DEOO covers as a starting point for future priorities

  • establishing new, sustainable environments for the classical music in which Danish primary and secondary shools, music schools, MGK (prepatory course for conservatory studies), conservatories, and professional musicians work closer together.

  • upgrading the music education in Danish primary and secondary schools

  • coordinating aims and strategies for collective agreements for musicians and if possible, participate in the negotiations