DEOO - Danish Ensembles, Orchestras and Opera Institutions are the organization of interest and industry for the live music ensembles, orchestras and opera companies in Denmark. DEOO aims to safeguard and deal with matters of common interest to its members, to strengthen its members vis-2004 with decision-makers, authorities and other organisations, and to promote cooperation between members.

DEOO organises courses and seminars and cooperates with interest and industry organisations in the performing arts sector in Denmark and abroad.


The members of the DEOO includes, among other, the professional symphony orchestras, basic ensembles, a series of special ensembles, the military bands and a number of opera companies across the country.

All the members receive public subsidies, in different ways, to operate their business. Public subsidies come from the state via the Finance Act, from the State Art Fundation, licence funds, from municipalities, and from the Danish Armed Forces. Ticket revenues, partnerships with business community, and funds complement the grants.

DEOO's purpose is to strengthen classical music, jazz and other types of composition music in Denmark through the work for greater visibility, wider legitimacy and better conditions for the member institutions.


DEOO works to:

  • Ensure continued access to live quality music in all parts of the country, not least for children and young people;

  • ensure the best possible conditions for developing music as an art form

  • secure optimum use of resources through collective and general agreements

  • document member activities systematically

  • build relevant networks and dialogue forums for the members

  • bring together experiences and inspiration from abroad, including knowledge about audience development and use of digital media

DEOO fights to:

  • create an overview of music performance and listening within our field as a basis for future priorities

  • shape new sustainable environments for classical music, where primary schools, music schools, MGK (conservatory prepartory courses), conservatories and professional musicians work more closely together

  • upgrade music education in primary schools

  • ensure thorough and consistent data collection throughout the music field, e.g. by creating a Danish Analysis Institute of Culture

  • coordinate goals and strategies for collective agreements for musicians and, where possible, take part in the negotiations

Read DEOO's strategy towards 2030 here.