TipToe BigBand


Tiptoe Bigband is Funen's professional Bigband and is based in Odense. The band has existed since 1994, is an active part of the Danish, professional big band scene and counts some of the best musicians, composers and organizers associated with the Funen music scene.

Tiptoe Bigband's vision is to challenge the bigband format by constantly seeking artistic challenges in various musical expressions as well as to renew the great orchestral sound through creative musical collaborations that go beyond the bigband tradition. Thus, the band has released both electronically based music and music for classical percussion, played concerts with the Odense Symphony Orchestra, classical choir and a large number of soloists from different musical backgrounds.

In addition to a large number of concerts, Tiptoe Bigband also involves the musical growth team on and around Funen through various educational projects.

The dedication of the musicians, the musical director, Torben Sminges and our regular number of musical organizers has been the common thread in all projects, all of which contribute to a present, personal and outgoing expression.