NETWORK MEETING - how well does the audience really know us?

The next network meeting under the auspices of DEOO will focus on audience development; h our well do the Danes, the Danish ensembles and orchestras? And how do we increase awareness?


As part of DEOO's audience development project supported by the Augustinus Foundation, a large-scale audience survey has been sent out to 2,000 Danes. Here they answer i.a. on their knowledge of the country's symphony orchestras, big bands and chamber music ensembles as well as their concert consumption.

The results of the study, together with a segmentation analysis - a division of Danes as cultural consumers - will be presented by Søren Mikael Rasmussen, RasmussenMarker, and Gitte Thulstrup, THULSTRUP Research ApS, who together conducted the study.

We focus on the degree of knowledge of the Danish orchestras and ensembles among the Danes, as well as how we work further with audience knowledge and development.

We take a concrete approach to the work with audience development in order to upgrade our members in an area that is an important tool for reaching new audience groups and thus in the long term ensure us a stronger political legitimacy - both locally and nationally. With the projects DEOO Charanga and Denmark's Digital Concert Hall, DEOO is focusing on two new audience target groups, and both projects will be presented at the meeting.

Thursday 22 October 2020, at 10: 00-15: 00

NOTE! New address
Aarhus Music School
Officersbygningen, Officerssalen
Vester Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus

Program for the day:

10:00 Coffee and plenty of time for networking

10:30 Presentation of the audience survey - how famous is your orchestra locally and nationally - v. Søren Mikael Rasmussen and Gitte Thulstrup

12:30 Breakfast

13:00 Workshop I: DEOO Charanga

13:40 Pause

14:10 Workshop II: Denmark's digital Concert Hall

15:00 Thank you for today


The network meeting is free and only for DEOO members.
DEOO offers a ride from Copenhagen to the first 5 who contact Marie Bærentsen at

Deadline for registration is October 20, 2020. Sign up below.

Photo: Copenhagen Phil, Henriette Frausing