General Meeting of DEOO members followed by an open network meeting on 'Future efforts in the field of orchestra - audience development, DEOO Charanga and Denmark's Digital Concert Hall'.


General meeting with physical attendance, price including lunch DKK 300,-.
The network meeting is free, open to all and can be streamed.



The General Assembly and Network Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 16, 2020.


The general meeting of members is held at Severin Kursuscenter, Skovsvinget 25, 5500 Middelfart.

All-day program:

9.15am - Coffee and registration
10:00-12:00 - DEOO General Assembly - members only
12:00-13:00 - Lunch - for members
13:00-16:00 - DEOO network meeting - open to all


The deadline for registration is June 9, 2021 - see the bottom of the page here.


Proposals to be submitted, see the statutes, must be sent to Head of Secretariat Asbjørn Keiding ( no later than three weeks before the general meeting.

NETWORK MEETING: Future orchestral efforts

Crises tend to highlight and spotlight trends. Trends already present in society, but whose necessity and importance are significantly increased due to the nature of the crisis. Over the last year and a half, we've all been sitting at webinars and online meetings. We have streamed and found cultural offerings on the Internet like never before.

And while we have been so excited and missed the live music for the live audience, shutdown has put a spotlight on the digital concert hall and the digital audience. But how best do we reach this digital group? Is it even necessary to reach this audience? How are the digital tools used in our children & youth work?


With this network meeting, DEOO invites you to debate the above based on the projects that DEOO has laid the foundation for even before the corona crisis. The afternoon offers status and debate on the following topics:

Audience Development - Lene Struck-Madsen, head of the applausproject, which is among the most knowledgeable in Denmark in the area of audience development for the performing arts industry, will give us a broad introduction to Applaus' findings based on thorough surveys among Danish cultural users.

Based on DEOO's audience development project supported by the Augustinus Foundation, Director of RasmussenNordic Søren Mikael Rasmussen has conducted a large survey among danes about their knowledge of the Danish symphony orchestras, the Royal Danish Orchestra and the basic ensembles. Søren Mikael will tell more about the study and the project, which focuses specifically on the MEMBERS of DEOO and their audience.


Denmark's Digital Concert Hall - the concert hall of the future is also digital. Deoo's project will examine the formofthe forms in whichit works. Based on the experience from the audience survey mentioned above, the project team will clarify and develop digital formats that affect the right audience groups. Søren Mikael Rasmussen wants to give a status at work.

DEOO Charanga - is DEOO's take on a digital platform to promote cooperation between music education players. This applies to the professional orchestras and ensembles, as well as the primary school, music schools and other relevant providers of teaching materials in music. The goal is for all children to meet and have a relationship with the live music.

DEOO Annual General Meeting 2021 and open network meeting
16 June 10:00 - 16:00
Severin Training Centre,
Forest Swing 25, 5500 Middelfart, Denmark